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Learn C language online CIT student notes
Online Free C / C++ Course

Learning C / C++ online

Ok so you want to learn c language good lets start


First there are few things you must know before you start this tutorial must Have C language installed and you must have some how know about the usage of c editor Like how to RUN a C program or How to save a prgroam.


2.These programs and examples are based on truboc 2 or turboc 3 so you must have same version to avoid any confusion


if you want download please download from following link


If you are ok with two-step mention above letís start click next button to explore the world of c language, which is one of my all time favorite!


Tanvir Shah
S. Tavnir Hussain


Tauqeer Hussain
Tauqeer Hussain

Faculty Incharge

Safi Ullah
Safi Ullah Khurum