Faculty & Facilities

Faculty & Facilities

IT Services

As CIT Dera Ismail khan has its focus on Information Technology and computer sciences, therefore, state of the art IT facilities are provided to the students. The students can make use of the latest technology equipment such as high speed internet, latest IT equipment, quality Labs and an environment where everywhere there is discussion of computers and technology


Like state of the art technology devices and equipment, CIT also makes sure that the students have ample books available in the library from which they can benefit. There are books related to all kinds of disciplines and areas of education as well as life in general. Therefore, in our library the students can find all kinds of material to become better masters of their subject as well as for their general knowledge


We works collaboratively with faculty, staff, and students to foster and sustain our collective sense of meaningful joy in teaching and learning. Toward that purpose, hari offers in-depth consulting on a wide variety of pedagogical concerns such as course design, student engagement, innovative pedagogies, assessment and evaluation, and integrating technologies with teaching.


Faculty can submit a request to have audio or video materials digitized for use in coursework as electronic reserves (E-Reserves)


To facilitate faculty and student research, the College operates a Latest computing cluster consisting of 80 computers or nodes. Such distributed computing is related to the ideas of parallel computing (which could occur within a single computer with multiple CPUs) and grid computing (describing a large number of mostly independent computers that cooperate on a project).


Academic Technology Services supports faculty and students in their use of information technology in teaching and research. The Academic Technology Project Showcase features several academic projects that CIT has developed and supported.

CIT provides expertise in advanced technologies that enhance in-class activities, course projects, data collection and analysis, multimedia communication and more.


The College provides a robust technology infrastructure. All classrooms are equipped with presentation systems. All campus buildings are connected by both wired and wireless networks.

A specialized multimedia facility in CIT gives faculty and students a place to try out new technology and create presentations and multimedia projects for their courses.


Classroom response systems enhance the interaction between students and teachers, especially in larger classes (30 students or more).


CIT use the Course Catalog Editing System to propose new courses, make minor and major revisions to existing courses, include required textbook information for courses, and indicate which courses will be offered--and will not be offered--in the upcoming academic year.

Faculty & Staff

The college is home to nearly dozen faculty and staff their work units focus on providing excellent service and the same percentage said they would recommend the BTE to a friend seeking employment.


Our senior leaders bring their own blend of expertise and experience to CIT. Many also hold positions of influence on committees and working groups throughout higher education and IT organizations nationwide. Leaders at all levels of CIT managers, team leads, and staff help guide our organization and its people.


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Tauqeer Hussain

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